5.56 FMJ Ammo Sale 500 Rounds $119

Here’s a super deal on 5.56 or .223 FMJ ammo…500 rounds $119.

This is Brown Bear ammunition manufactured by Barnaul in Russia. It is excellent ammo and features lacquer coated steel cases. The steel cases will not harm your firearm. The steel is low carbon soft steel. Brown Bear makes some really good ammo. I have shot their 7.62×39 ammo and it’s awesome.

Brown Bear 556 fmj ammo

Brown Bear 556 fmj ammo-1

Lacquer coated cases are corrosion proof and assist with smooth feeding and easy extraction.

Brown Bear 556 fmj ammo-2


556/223 Rem FMJ Brown Bear 500 Rounds at Lucky Gunner