Wolf Gold 223 Ammunition Review Video

Wolf Performance Ammunition (WPA) contracts various ammunition manufacturers to make their Wolf line of ammo. Wolf Gold ammunition is brass cased and boxer primed whereas WPA ammunition is steel cased and Berdan primed. The WPA ammo is manufactured in Russia and or Ukraine. The Wolf Gold ammo is manufactured in Taiwan.

Anyway, here is a video review of the Wolf Gold 223 ammunition. It’s inexpensive and good quality….stock up!

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223 Ammunition Accuracy Test – Tula American Eagle PPU

So is there a big difference in quality/accuracy between American and Russian made 223 ammo?

Lots of people think Serbian and Russian ammo are garbage.

I always recommend performing some tests before forming an opinion on ammunition.

Here’s an interesting video testing the accuracy of various brands of 223 ammo…Tulammo (Russian), PPU (Serbian) and American Eagle (USA). You might be surprised by the results. There’s a big difference in price but accuracy…I’m not so sure.

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Prvi Partizan 223 Ammo Chronograph Test

Prvi Partizan ammo is manufactured in Serbia and from my experience is good quality and competitively priced. I would never hesitate in buying and/or shooting any Prvi Partizan ammunition.

Lots of people always want to know ammo velocities and the only way to validate the manufacturer’s claims is to chronograph it. So what kind of velocities can you expect from Prvi Partizan .233 ammo?

Watch and see…

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Is Brown Bear 223 Ammo Corrosive?

Another question from several readers…Is Brown Bear 223 ammo corrosive?

The short answer is NO.

But let’s discuss Brown Bear 223 ammo so you get an idea what you’re getting.

Brown Bear ammo is manufactured by Barnaul Machine Tool Plant in Russia. Barnaul has manufactured ammunition since 1869 and supplied ammunition to Russia during WW I and WW II. Barnaul is the largest ammunition plant in Russia and produces rifle, handgun and shotgun ammunition for sporting, combat and hunting which are exported all over the world.

Brown Bear ammunition is high quality ammunition featuring steel cases and bimetal bullets. The steel cases are soft steel and perfectly safe for modern firearms. The steel cases are lacquer coated to facilitate smooth feeding and extraction and corrosion resistance. The primers are Berdan as most military ammunition is. Berdan primers offer reliable ignition and long shelf life. The Berdan primers and the powder used in Brown Bear ammunition are non-corrosive. Brown Bear ammunition meets most military specifications like SAAMI.

Brown Bear 223 ammunition sells for about $0.28/round. It is very inexpensive. Brown Bear 223 Rem 55 Gr Hp Ammo 20 Rounds at Lucky Gunner.com

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What is WPA Polyformance 223 Ammo?

Ammo labels can be very confusing these days. Marketing folks are just getting too creative!!!

So what is WPA Polyformance 223 ammo?

WPA is Wolf Polyformance Ammunition. Wolf ammunition is mostly manufactured in the Tula Cartridge Plant in Russia. Tula manufactures steel cased ammo for export and for the Russian military. Polyformance is a coating that makes the steel cartridge cases feed and eject easily and prevents corrosion. It’s a replacement for the old lacquer coated steel cases. Wolf uses non-corrosive primers.

Many people think steel cases will harm a gun but that’s not true. The steel that’s used for the cartridge cases is a soft “annealed” steel. It’s not the same steel as a rifle barrel or action. The benefit of steel cases is low cost.

WPA Polyformance ammo uses “bimetal” bullets. Bimetal refers to the bullet jacket. These bimetal jackets are made from steel and copper. Copper is usually the outermost layer of the bullet. It is softer and provides some lubricity to the bullet, making it slide down the barrel more easily. If you are interested in WPA Polyformance 223 ammo, here is a link to buy it online at a great price….233 Ammo – Wolf Tula Brown Bear Discounts at Lucky Gunner.com

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