Is Wolf WPA 7.62×39 Ammo Dirty?

Is Wolf WPA 7.62×39 ammo dirty?

I see this type of comment frequently on the gun forums. Fact or Fiction?

Let’s see if there is any proof by shooting some Wolf WPA 7.62×39 ammo.

20141018 142520

Here is the WPA Military Classic 7.62×39 Russian/Ukraine ammo in question.

20141018 143233

…and here is a box of Wolf Performance 7.62×39 Russian ammo.

20141115 141011

Fired Wolf 7.62×39 cases.

20141115 141017

Well? Does it look dirty after firing? I think not. It’s actually cleaner than some American ammo. There is no carbon or powder residue on the case neck. It’s very clean.

20141115 141100

Here is the WPA Military Classic 7.62×39 ammo after firing.

20141115 141116

Looks pretty clean to me. My Zastava NPAP was pretty clean too. I shot 100 rounds of various Russian/Ukraine 7.62×39 ammo through it with 100% reliability and little fouling. The fouling on the gas piston was easy to wipe off. I cleaned the barrel with a boresnake and Froglube CLP. 15 minutes of cleaning and it’s good to go.

20141115 125523

Here is the AK-47 gas piston and bolt carrier after shooting 100 rounds of Russian 7.62×39 ammo.

20141115 125533

20141115 125554

All of the carbon fouling wiped right off with a cloth and CLP. No scrubbing with a wire brush.