RBS 40 S&W Remanufactured Ammo Review

RBS is an American ammunition manufacturer offering remanufactured ammo using once fired brass cases. They are located in Washington state and use quality components in all their ammo. It is very reasonable priced too…$14.50 for a box of 40 S&W ammo. You can also buy in bulk…$285 for 1,000 rounds.

20141108 132521

Very nice packaging. Rounds are loose in a sturdy box.

20141108 132532

20141108 132553

Super clean and shiny ammo. Looks like new ammo. First class all the way.

20141108 132556

20141108 132607

Perfect ammo…no dents, scratches, gouges, corrosion or any imperfections. Top notch ammo for sure. The brass is mixed manufacturer. You can see Federal and Speer cases. No bullet shavings around the cases either.

20141108 132612

So how does it shoot?

I have a one word answer….FLAWLESS.

20141128 122407

Here is my target. I shot 50 rounds from my Hi Point 4095TS carbine free standing. RBS ammo is very accurate and 100% reliable.