9mm Home Defense Ammo – Best Choices

There are a lot of choices in 9mm home defense ammo but what is the best or most effective?

There are a few considerations to think about before you chose home defense ammunition. Here are some:

  • Reliability in your gun
  • Stopping power
  • Quick expansion to maximize tissue destruction
  • Penetration

Home defense ammunition must be 100% reliable in your gun. The cartridge must have a lethal combination of bullet weight and velocity. In order to determine this combination, you might want to watch a ballistic gel test to see how the bullet at a certain velocity performs. You don’t want too much penetration…max penetration should be around 14″. Too much penetration and you endanger your neighbors or bystanders. You do not want the bullet to exit the target and go through the walls of your house.

There are quite a few tested 9mm home defense ammunition available. Here are my favorites.

9mm Critical Duty Home Defense Ammo

Hornady Critical Duty with the 135 grain FlexLock bullet is a great choice.

Here’s the ballistic gel test video

Remington Golden Saber 9mm Defense Ammo is proven by many LE agencies.

Remington Golden Saber 9mm defense ammo

Watch this Golden Saber 9mm ballistic gel test video

Federal Premium 9mm Hydra-Shok home defense/LE ammo

Federal Hydra Shok 9mm defense ammo

Federal Premium 9mm Hydra-Shok LE defense ammo ballistic gel test video

Hornady Custom 9mm XTP Defense Ammunition. The tried and true XTP bullet is a top performer.

Hornady 9mm XTP defense ammo

Here is a great online store where you can buy any of these….Huge Selection of 9mm Defense ammo at Lucky Gunner