Wolf Gold 223 Ammunition Review Video

Wolf Performance Ammunition (WPA) contracts various ammunition manufacturers to make their Wolf line of ammo. Wolf Gold ammunition is brass cased and boxer primed whereas WPA ammunition is steel cased and Berdan primed. The WPA ammo is manufactured in Russia and or Ukraine. The Wolf Gold ammo is manufactured in Taiwan.

Anyway, here is a video review of the Wolf Gold 223 ammunition. It’s inexpensive and good quality….stock up!

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223 Ammunition Accuracy Test – Tula American Eagle PPU

So is there a big difference in quality/accuracy between American and Russian made 223 ammo?

Lots of people think Serbian and Russian ammo are garbage.

I always recommend performing some tests before forming an opinion on ammunition.

Here’s an interesting video testing the accuracy of various brands of 223 ammo…Tulammo (Russian), PPU (Serbian) and American Eagle (USA). You might be surprised by the results. There’s a big difference in price but accuracy…I’m not so sure.

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Prvi Partizan 223 Ammo Chronograph Test

Prvi Partizan ammo is manufactured in Serbia and from my experience is good quality and competitively priced. I would never hesitate in buying and/or shooting any Prvi Partizan ammunition.

Lots of people always want to know ammo velocities and the only way to validate the manufacturer’s claims is to chronograph it. So what kind of velocities can you expect from Prvi Partizan .233 ammo?

Watch and see…

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