Brass Thickness Comparison – 45-70

If you have never measured or weighed brass cases then you most likely are not aware of dimensional differences, especially thickness. When I used to shoot the 45-70 Govt, i tried many different brand cases such as Winchester, Remington, Hornady and Starline. There is a huge difference in the weights and therefore thickness. Winchester is the thinnest and Starline the thickest.

Let me show you…

It’s very easy to see the case thickness differences but only if you cut the cases in half…otherwise just weigh your cases. The reason you might want to know the thickness is because it affects the case capacity or powder capacity. Thinner cases hold more powder. I preferred Winchester cases for the 45-70. They hold more powder and achieved greater velocities with the same pressure as the other cases. Starline are fantastic cases and top quality but powder capacity is limited in the 45-70.

You might wonder, ” Are thinner cases weaker?”

The answer is “They are not.”