5.56 Ammo for Sale 1000 Rounds

5.56 ammo for sale 1000 rounds at $0.23 per round. This is a 500 round case of 5.56 Nato/223 ammunition from the world famous Wolf WPA distributor. Sale price for a 500 round case is $117.00 or $234.00 for 1,000 rounds.

Wolf WPA Military Classic 556 ammo

5.56/223 Wolf WPA Military Classic 500 Rounds for $117

This is steel cased ammo from a select group of manufacturers in Russia and the Ukraine. It is top notch ammo made with strict manufacturing controls. The steel cases are “soft” steel and will not harm rifle barrels or chambers. The steel cases are coated with either polymer or lacquer to prevent corrosion and facilitate feeding and extraction.

Wolf WPA 556 Ammo

WPA Military Classic 5.56/223 ammo features 55 grain HP bullets, non-corrosive berdan primers and steel cases. It is reliable and affordable ammunition. If you shoot often and do not reload then Wolf WPA 5.56 ammo is the best choice for target practice or SHTF type scenarios.

I have fired 1,000’s of rounds of Wolf WPA Military Classic 7.62×39 in my AK-47 without a single misfire. I’ve also fired many boxes of the same make 5.56 ammo through a Stag Arms 2T AR-15 rifle without a hitch. It’s accurate, reliable and clean burning. You may hear someone say that Wolf ammo is dirty but it certainly is not.

5.56 FMJ Ammo Sale 500 Rounds $119

Here’s a super deal on 5.56 or .223 FMJ ammo…500 rounds $119.

This is Brown Bear ammunition manufactured by Barnaul in Russia. It is excellent ammo and features lacquer coated steel cases. The steel cases will not harm your firearm. The steel is low carbon soft steel. Brown Bear makes some really good ammo. I have shot their 7.62×39 ammo and it’s awesome.

Brown Bear 556 fmj ammo

Brown Bear 556 fmj ammo-1

Lacquer coated cases are corrosion proof and assist with smooth feeding and easy extraction.

Brown Bear 556 fmj ammo-2


556/223 Rem FMJ Brown Bear 500 Rounds at Lucky Gunner