Minuteman Munitions Remanufactured 40 S&W Ammo Review

Minuteman Munitions is an American ammunition manufacturer located in North Carolina. They manufacture reloaded ammo from once fired Speer, Winchester and Federal cases from law enforcement training facilities. They only use quality components and inspect everything before shipping.

Minuteman Munitions offers remanufactured ammo in 40 S&W, 45 ACP and 9mm.

20141108 132337

Very nice packaging. 100 rounds per box.

20141108 132346

Loaded rounds are loose in a heavy duty box.

20141108 132349

Beautiful ammo. Shiny, clean and free from defects. Super nice ammo.

20141108 132413

This is 180 grain FMJ’s loaded in nickel cases.

20141108 132419

You can’t go wrong with Minuteman Munitions. The 2014 price is $33.99 per box of 100.