.500 S&W Heavy Loads

A few years ago I used to shoot the 500 S&W Mag in a Thompson Center Encore rifle. I played with all kinds of bullets and powders. It was a lot of fun. The 500 S&W is a great cartridge with power to take the largest game on Earth including buffalo and elephant. Cast bullets make the 500 S&W really exciting. I shot cast bullets ranging from 300 grains to 700 grains.

Here are some of the loads I shot. The one on the far left is the 700 grain WFNGC. The max load will push it to 1340 fps from a 6″ barrel. The center round is the 600 grain LFNGC and will go about 1500 fps. The small one on the far right is the 440 grain FNGC. The 440 grain will do about 1750 fps.

700 Grain 500 S&W Ammo

Looking for the biggest and baddest handgun ammo?

…always look to Underwood Ammo.

That’s a 700 grain hard cast WFNGC bullet sitting in the 500 S&W case. The muzzle velocity is 1200 fps from a handgun barrel. Underwood Ammo offers the heaviest loads in all calibers than any other manufacturer.

Underwood 45-70 Penetrator Ammo

Are you looking for the ultimate in deep penetrating 45-70 ammo…for the biggest beasts…like buffalo, bear, moose, hippo or rhino?

Underwood Ammo uses the awesome LeHigh Penetrator solid copper bullet weighing 305 grains and traveling at 2350 fps. This special solid not only penetrates in a straight line without deforming but also creates a huge wound cavity via a high pressure spike.

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