Self Defense 45 ACP Ammo – Best Choice

One of the very BEST self defense or home defense 45 ACP ammo is definitely Lehigh Defense 45 ACP 170 grain Controlled Fracturing.

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20141108 132907

Lehigh Defense designs and manufactures some of the most advanced ammunition you’ll find. Every component is selected or designed with self defense in mind. The bullets are custom made for maximum destruction and stopping power.

20141108 132923

First class everything here…packaging, brass, powder, primers and of course bullets.

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20141108 132949

Notice the special bullet design. The longitudinal cuts maximize expansion and tissue destruction. The bullets are solid copper and super precision made.

20141108 132945

Have you ever seen bullets like these?

20141108 132958

20141108 133006

If you are looking for the BEST self defense or home defense 45 ACP ammo then you need to take a look at Lehigh Defense for the ultimate defensive ammo. Super accurate and reliable. These are 45 ACP. I keep them in my Glock 21.

Shop online at Lehigh Defense.